We have a number of instruments and accessories to enhance your music program. If you would like to purchase any of them, please go to the shopping cart.

Mini Maracas

These mini maracas are perfect for small hands. They have a very soft gentle shaker sound.

They would make a great gift.


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Finger Castanets

These bright and colourful castanets come in a variety of designs and are very popular with boys and girls alike. They are easily played by young children. A great gift idea.


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Page Pegs

Are you looking for that extra special "something" for your music?
Why not buy some of our music pegs? Great for holding the pages of your music in place. Inexpensive, cute present for your students.


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These wooden magnets come in a variety of musical instruments. They are very sturdy and light weight. Do you give encouragement awards to your students? These magnets make the perfect prize.


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