Children's Comments

Grade 2A

To Heather, Your music made me feel active inside. My favorite song was 'Cool Cat'. All those songs were awesome. What is your favorite song? I wish you could teach us once a week.

To Heather, I really like your music, especially 'Cool Cat'. I wish that 2A could have you every day. I want to buy your music, all of your music. You are very nice and fun. Tahnni

To Heather, I loved the music. I wish that you could come every week and could you make me a Christmas Carol? You're a very good dancer, and could I have some of your music?
From Ali

To Heather, I really liked your music. I wish I could buy your cd and I love your dancing as well.
From Emily.

Heather is a great person. She makes you feel healthy. She is a great teacher.
From Elleisha

To Heather, your music is excellent. It made me happy, cool. lovely and special. You are so cool, how old are you? My favorite song is the bike song.

To Heather, your music is great, and did you make the bike song? I liked the bike song.

Your music is good. I love it.

Dear Heather, your music made me feel good, happy, active. We feel like you are our teacher. We wish you could come back.

To Heather, Your music made me feel happy and I want you to come back for three days.
You are very nice.
from Ella

To Heather, Your music made me feel really active inside. I loved it! It was so fun. My favorite song was 'Cool Cat' because the music for it was great.

To Heather, I like your music. Most of it was relaxing, especially the moon bright one ( I can't remember the name). The 'Cool Cat' one was my favorite.
From Tasmin

To Heather, I love your music, it made me sleepy but I did not go to sleep. I want some of your music.
From Tamika

Heather you made me feel great and exercised. Your music is magical and beautiful. I had a great time with you.
Love Freya

You are fantastic Heather. You are nice and kind. I like you. You are beautiful.
From Alina

Dear Heather, I loved the music. I used to not like music. What you showed me, I loved.
My favorite was 'Cool Cat'.
Love from Hugh

I love your music. I want your music please.

Dear Heather, Thanks for coming! Everybody outside was saying how kind you are. We are listening to your music now, writing letters and looking at your website and we love it!
Miss Aberfield logged on for us.
From India

To Heather, your music is beautiful. I want to buy it.
From Eli

To Heather, I love your music and your dancing. Please come again.
From Shaylan