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Bob has spent all morning doing some gardening in his back yard. He's not quite ready for the birds who decide to drop in for a visit. Can he avert disaster and discover where his seeds could have disappeared to? This book fits in with some of the songs from the Kids Music Company repertoire, including Five Wriggly worms and Digging from Pukeko Stomp: Sparrow, Little Seed and I am a Snail from Teddy Jumps: Animals in my garden from Wriggle and Jiggle: The Wheelbarrow Song from Break Out and Little Caterpillar from Echo Fred.
Heather Monro - author, runs Kids Music Company Australia and Mark Jensen - illustrator is the adult male voice on all our CDs.

CD of story included. Suitable for 2 - 6 year olds
Book and CD set - $20.00


This book will delight young and old alike with its rhythmical lyrics and entertaining pictures. There is mayhem in the backyard on washing day when the birds come for a visit. Find out what Mum has to do to keep the birds away. The story also relates to the "Washing Line" song on our album "Break Out".
Heather Monro - author, and Mark Jensen - illustrator.

CD of story included. Suitable for 2 - 6 year olds
Book and CD set - $20.00


It's a story, it's a song, and it's a dance. "Friends" is a delightful picture book with a sound track."A clown went walking on a sunny day, looking for a friend who wanted to play..."The clown meets a friends, they dance and play together. The following verses involve bunnies and dragons in the fun.This charming singing-and-movement story is brought to life by Mark Jensen's illustrations. Read it, sing it, and dance it. Then the next time your children read the book they will know many of the words having been thoroughly involved in the story. This is a great support to early reading skills.

Book and CD set - $19.50

Marty's Nut Free Party

Marty is a small monkey who loves to party. He is the first to arrive at a party and the last to leave.

To Marty's disgust and distress, he discovers that he is really allergic to peanuts, so allergic to them that he ends up in hospital - several times.
He discovers that if he eats a lot of peanuts, only one peanut, or a cake that used to have peanuts on it, he still ends up in hospital.
What can be done? Not going to parties can't possibly be the solution.
When it's Marty's birthday party, he has a no nut party. What a great idea. Marty waits anxiously to see if his friends will like his style of party. They love it and decided that they would all have their parties without nuts from now on.
A party just isn't the same without Marty.
This book is a 'must have' item. It's a great book for children who are anaphylactic, and also a wonderful tool for helping children who don't have any allergies to understand what it is like for those people who do have them.

Book - $19.95

Without Me

Children often struggle to navigate their relationships, emotions and reasoning––Without Me is a picture book for ages 5-9 that introduces escapism in a simple story that will make children (and adults) smile. Over the course of 10 minutes, the child reflects and highlights the simplest pleasures of relationship. The lovable but comical plot ends with a sense of belonging and safety that will gratify the reader. What do you take when you want to run away from home – your cat, dog, sister, brother, toys, and the list goes on. Is it really worth running away from home? Suitable for 5 – 9 year olds

Book - $20.00

A Moving Child is a Learning Child: How the Body Teaches the Brain to Think (Birth to Age 7)

By Gill Connell and Cheryl McCarthy
Just as kids’ bodies need specific nutrients for good health, they also need a balanced diet of physical activity to help them reach their potential. This book explains the learning link between the body and the brain and what early childhood educators, parents and caregivers can do to guide it. Writing in a down-to-earth style accompanied by lively colour photographs, the authors reveal the truths behind children’s movement and unveil the Kinetic Scale: a visual map of the active learning needs—such as balance, coordination, and control—of infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and primary children (from “snugglers” to “skedaddlers”). Throughout are actionable tips and activities that will keep kids moving, growing, and learning. Digital content includes parent handouts and customizable forms.

Book - $64.95

Get Ready For School

Get ready for school is a double DVD that shows why movement and learning go hand in hand.
This DVD show developmental activities for young preschool and junior school children that will help to prepare them for formal learning.
This DVD is a must for all Kindergarten teachers, childcre workers, and teachers of early primary school children.

DVD - $45.00