Music for Teachers and Schools

Music is one of the few activities that uses both sides of the brain, logical and creative, at the same time. Through music children learn to sing in tune and move in time. Using this programme, their concentration and coordination develop, and all other areas of learning are supported in fun activities.

This programme includes general collections of songs, which are cross-referenced to the curriculum, which helps teachers with their planning, and saves them time.

It includes "whole body activities", that is, those which develop the whole brain and body, including strength and coordination of large and small muscles, the development of balance, space perception, concentration, language, listening, memory, self confidence and a positive self esteem. We use our own original music, performed by quality musicians, making the CDs easy to listen to over and over.

Music teachers and educators who purchase these unique Kids Music Company CDs may also purchase teachers' manuals to assist in the education of their students enabling them to learn in a more effective way.  There are music samples from each CD here so you can gain an insight into our learning system.

Janet Channon

Kids Music Company