Parachute Activities


Song Title Album Title Activity

Parachute Journey

Splish Splash Splosh

As described by the lyrics

Teddy's Parachute

Teddy Jumps

As described by the lyrics

Caribbean Sea

Wriggle And Jiggle

3 sea creatures on the parachute in A section.  Or teacher holds them. Download pdf of these images here Parachute goes up and down in B section

Oceans - Or other tracks on Night Sky

Splish Splash Splosh

Rolling a large the ball on material

Smaller balls, or multiples make it harder

Oceans With Stops

Splish Splash Splosh

Extend the idea above, but stop the music randomly.  Children need to stop the ball on the fabric with the music stops.

Quick Flick

Mango Tango

Have 2 or 3 balloons with water in them. 

Children learn the sequence of the music with ribbons first then repeat with the parachute and balloons. 

Climbing Up and Down

Teddy Jumps

Add sleigh bells on top of the fabric.  Shake the fabric gently as it goes up and down with the melody.

Ring A Rosie 


Unaccompanied.  Around in a circle.  B section "fishes in the water..." play with finger tips on the fabric.

Little Clown

Break Out

Kids hide under the material.  Knock on the floor (for door) then jump up with the music. Jump and twist under the parachute roof, then go down again.

Pop Up Clown

Pukeko Stomp

A section: kids hide under and pop up and down as the fabric goes up and down.  B: dance under or around the fabric, then hide underneath again underneath at the end of the section

Middle Of The Circle

Break Out

As described by the lyrics

Stuffed Socks


Use snakes made of stuffed socks. Chant or make up a tune:

   5 snakes playing on the parachute

   5 snakes from North Bombay

   5 snakes playing on the parachute

   1 snake slithers away

Remove a snake and count down

I Am Hiding

Stay And Play

Children hide under the material as described by the lyrics