Sample Teacher Book

See our Teaching Material.

Planning cross reference:

The songs in each of our collections are cross referenced against the learning objectives for children under 5 and children in Junior Primary.

We then also cross reference the songs against "The Arts in the NZ Curriculum" for music and dance where appropriate.

Please click below to open a PDF sample of the following:

Page 1 and 2 are for children under 5
Pg 3 and 4 are junior primary
pg 5 and 6 is music and dance

Here are some samples of how each song is set out in the book:

Below are 3 pages from the Splish Splash Splosh book that demonstrate how user friendly the books are. Starting with learning outcomes both musical and cross-curricular (if applicable), then easy to follow teaching notes, lyrics that can be used on a chart or projected onto the wall, actions for the song and the melody line with guitar chords.

Teaching Notes Sample          Lyric Sheet Sample        Music Score Sample