Angela Scott: St Anne's Temora

Thank you Heather - you are so energetic, motivating and a positive presenter with such exciting ideas.

I can't wait to go back and use these songs in the classroom. I particularly enjoyed some of your teaching strategies which were so simple and effective in the music classroom. Thanks!!

Cornelia Carson: Queanbeyan Public School

Heather was so fun, animated and generous. Love for music and people is obvious. It was definitely worth going to on a Saturday - fun, fitness and music all in one!

Stacey Low: Red Hill School ACT

A fantastic workshop. I've learnt so many things and can't wait to try them out in my classroom. I've never had so much fun at PD.

Anne Sheehan: ACT

Thank you for the wonderful workshop, filled with fun, action and energy. Your enthusiasm and love of music and what it can achieve is inspirational.

Carolyn Pritchard: St Matthew's Page. ACT

Using the Breakout book and cd I can combine an indoor fitness program with musical activities - great for cold weather days in Canberra.

Heidi Clayton: Music Teacher, Melton, VIC

I just wanted to say thanks for a great evening on Wednesday. It was lots of fun and great to get some new ideas. I couldn't wait to get to school and try out some new songs on Thursday. My preps and ones loved 'Jump out of bed in the morning'. (...and so did I!) Thanks also for sending the book so promptly. It arrived Friday morning and I opened it straight away. I'm already planning what I'll do with my music segment at our multiples playgroup next week. I'm getting my 18 month old twins started by listening to the songs in the car and I can even hear some 'singing' coming from the backseat!

Esther Mace: Redpa Primary School, Tasmania

Scanning my departmental emails, there was one that jumped out at me - Early Childhood music workshop with Heather Monro. I didn't have the foggiest about who Heather Monro was, but having just begun the Birth - 4 program at our school and asked to take the Kinder - Grade 3 composite class for music, I thought - this is for me.

I went along expecting to be reacquainted with the finger rhymes and songs from an era when I was full-time teaching (many moons ago). How refreshing to find instead an amazing collection of songs involving singing, moving and playing. Heather's obvious love of what she was sharing was inspirational! I went from being 52 to 4 years old and I thought - "This is how little kids should feel (when immersed in music/song/movt).' Music in all its forms is crucial to a child's development and learning, and Heather Monro's workshops should be mandatory for all ELE teachers-in-training.

The aforementioned finger plays and songs still are important, but now there is a new essential component!

Anne Wolfe: Vice President TOSA, Music Teacher, Hobart, TAS

On the "Teddy Jumps" workshop: What a fabulous combination of songs and activities for young children to sing and dance to. Heather Monro demonstrated every song with enthusiasm and fun, involving us with teddies, movement, singing, instruments, scarves and teddies on the parachute. It was a fun filled, educational evening, highlighting the importance of music education for young children. I have used these songs with three classes and the children love them.

Gayle Ferrier: Kindergarten Assistant Chairo Christian School/Children's Director Wine Press

It was truly a delight to see you again. Thank you for the fabulous workshop presentation. I was completely sold on your programs. I can't wait to use them. I'm sure I will be in touch as there are many more I will need to add to my collection. Keep up the great work!

Doreen Stephens: Kindergarten Teacher, St Arnaud Kindergarten, Victoria

The music in-service afternoon with Heather Monro not only gave us an insight into just how much fun music could be for the children, but also got our endorphins working. I was amazed at how easy it could be, given the right material, for the musically uninitiated to implement a fun and effective music program into the kindergarten routine, which could impact positively on the child's overall development.

Leanne Gibbs: Professional Development Program Co-ordinator, Sydney

Thank you for contributing to the success of our event (the KU 2006 Conference in Sydney). We had excellent feedback from the workshop and professionals were grateful for the opportunity to attend. Our CEO, Antoinette, particularly enjoyed the presentation. We look forward to your involvement in future professional development events at KU Children's Services.

Kym Grimmet: Pre School Teacher, Melbourne

A fantastic evening full of fun and inspiring ideas to use with the children. Thanks again for inspiring me and making me feel alive.

Sanny Dougherty: Music Teacher Morgan St Primary School, Broken Hill, NSW

This evening reminded me of the impact that music has on our children's development and how important it is to make singing and moving a part of their daily education.

Erin Aberfield: class room teacher, Morgan St Primary School, Broken Hill, NSW

You have been an amazing inspiration! Thank you for reminding me of the importance of good fun, and relating it to beautiful music.

Keenie Baker: School of Special Education NW - Burnie, Tasmania

Several Staff members from both campuses of the School of Special Education braved the bad weather on the evening of Wednesday 2nd April to attend a fabulous workshop held at Burnie Primary.

Heather Monro who led the session is the Australian Director of Kids Music Company. We all had fun "as our children do" moving to the tempo and learning new partner dances along with songs for copying a leader, songs for releasing energy, and songs for gross motor and fine motor movements.

We came away from this workshop all enthused and ready to trial these new musical experiences with all the students at both campuses. The following day, Heather came to both our campuses to engage all our students in an hour long music, dance, percussion and singing session. We were pleased to be able to welcome her to the NW campuses.

We now intend to purchase some of the newly released "Kids Music Company" cd's across both campuses so that our students can further enjoy the new songs, dances and rhythms they experienced during Heather's sessions.

Julie McMillan: Kindy Teacher Our Lady of Lourdes, Nuollamara WA

Very enlightening with many language and concepts immersed into the songs and dance. The music is lively and uses many props that is formatted in a play based approach. Fantastic Fun!

Kelly Burns: Early Learning Centre - Perth WA

A great variety of songs and actions which are great fun for the children I work with. Presentation is great for knowing how to use the resources.

Joanna Thiel : Music Teacher, Albany, WA

Thank you so much for your wonderful workshop on Saturday! It was really worth the trip up for me... We appreciated it! I listened to the 4 cds I bought all the way home to Albany (4.5hours) so I was able to use the songs in Kindy on Monday morning

Lisa Joseph: Eltham Preschool, Victoria

Heather, this has been the best music I've used in my program ever. We would love you to do another workshop out our way sometime - I've told everyone about you. Thanks, Lisa

Deb Davis: Benara Road Early Learning Centre Morley, WA

It was so good to finally have met you! I have thoroughly enjoyed myself these past 2 days. It was great to learn and discover new and exciting ways to enhance the children's (and adults!) view on music. It's amazing that music can span right through the learning areas and how we can help build pathways in the brains of children.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and all your help.